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Nice lighting in industrial style

The so-called industrial style is super trendy and popular in big city apartments. This is characterized by cool, flared “industrial” interior design elements, coupled with original industrial artificial lighting, with modern furniture and contemporary art.

interior-lighting-ideas-industrial style

Simple and industrial in one

The industrial style began as an original solution for transforming the interior of a former industrial building into a new and modern home. This style continued to evolve over the decades, finding ever new and passionate followers. Today, more and more homeowners and interior designers prefer to introduce industrial style into contemporary interior design. The focus is mainly on loft apartments, chic townhouses and houses in this style.

industrial-style retro dining table-lamp

The style is usually in the small details

Many would now accuse at this point, the industrial design style is a bit cold, rough and he even lacks the cozy coziness. But as already said, he has won many fans with his simplicity and boldness. The industrial concept fits perfectly with another trend in interior design – minimalism. These two form a powerful combination that has become very popular as we talk about designing a modern home.

Lamp lighting-chandelier-industrial style

Industrial lighting is a typical style feature

An essential, we would rather say a key element in any interior design in industrial style is the lighting. As with all elements of this style, industrial lighting also features exposed cables, intricate cords and often oversized light bulbs, complemented by stylish metallic finish decorations. Suspended from the ceiling, mounted on the wall or standing on the floor, all lighting units follow the trendy design style and bring soft, even intimate light into the ambience.


Metal hanging lamp in front of the bare brick wall – a great example of industrial design

brass lamps

Brass lamps hang from a tree branch in the interior

This modern design follows the trends of the early electric lighting style of the last 20s and 30s. It shows interesting combinations of retro / vintage elements with the contemporary styles and always leads to very original results.

Industrial style has become one of the most popular contemporary trends in residential lighting, reinventing materials and designs from the past in an elegant 21st century style.


Typical industrial-style pendant lamps


Hanging lamp made of shiny metal is combined with a fan

ceiling lights-vintage-industrial-style-lighting

So stylish and so industrial!

vintage pendant lamp-lights-for-dining room

Exposed cables, light bulbs and intricate cords are the typical elements of industrial-style room lighting

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