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Passive house with simple elegance in New England

What do you think a holiday home should have? Many would say: about a quiet, natural location, airiness and luxurious amenities? Then you are exactly right here. We have selected this living example so that the effect of open living spaces and light-filled surroundings can be fully integrated into the overall look of a residential building. In order to remind you at an early age of the upcoming holiday season, today we present you an excellent holiday home with far-reaching views of the nearby nature:

This quiet cottage with a simple design has 110 square meters of living space and consists of two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. The magnificent view of the garden makes it a desirable retreat.

The flexible, spacious living space is characterized by sustainability and ease of care, says the architect Stephanie Horowitz. Cozy rooms invite both relaxation and creative work: the owner of the house is a writer.

Because of the predominantly cold weather in New England and the high heating costs, Horowitz emphasized the advantages of a passive house. The small building has very good thermal insulation and uses little heat energy ,

The innovative construction is provided with a traditional gable roof for this area. It is most evident in the kitchen, which together with the adjoining dining and living room form the center of the holiday home. In such a small building, the practical and flexible living space is a must.

Passive House gable roof ventilation system eat-in kitchen

Typical rural construction with gable roof; The open tube in the kitchen area is part of the innovative ventilation system

Dining area special windows Land view minimalist open

Special windows and doors collect solar energy, mostly located on the south side of the house

Behind the side walls in bright red hides a fiber cement paneling. The unique fa├žade made of cedar wood has turned into light gray due to the strong weather conditions.

House exterior facade cedar paneling

Strong weather influences make the cedar wood look silver gray today

Passive living means direct use of solar energy. The special glass windows face south and store solar energy. The insulation by wooden cladding creates an extremely well insulated building envelope. A passive house saves about 80% of heating energy compared to a normal household.

Holiday house energy-efficient heating solar energy waste heat

No expensive thing anymore: modern heating is done by sunlight

This number seems really enormous to us, as well as the chic comfort that prevails in all rooms. A family of seven lives in the single-storey house and offers a comfortable get-together. Here we see a cozy Family place to relax, work and being together.

Living room entrance partition house

Half-height partition divides the living room from the entrance area

Passive house sidewall fiber cement cladding

The side walls in strong red were equipped with fiber cement cladding

New England bath tub mint green wall

The optimal south exposure of this holiday home significantly reduces energy consumption

House white wall color view in nature

White walls and large windows … and a wonderful view of the beautiful nature outside

Holiday home bedroom gable roof simple

Both bedrooms are located at both ends of the house

Bedroom white blue view nature

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