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Pendari – the hottest look for fashion-conscious people

Do you want to be bold and elegant while expressing your character and free spirit? Then we have something very special to offer you – the fashion brand Pendari! Under this label you will certainly find the clothes that you have long dreamed of. Because the fashion designers of the company skillfully combine extravagance and sophistication and achieve an elegant look that makes the hearts of their numerous, fashion-conscious customers beat faster. Many of them are even of the opinion, this fashion belongs to the future, because the whole clothing collection carries an indisputable futuristic touch.

Extravagant and elegant, you are facing the world

Everything that belongs to the fashion brand Pendari is immediately noticeable and captivates even at first sight. The designers have obviously intertwined old European traditions with a strong Asian touch and designed trendy outfits. In the color palette they have put on the classic opposition white-black. According to the Feng Shui doctrine, the yin and yang are the colors that generate strong energy like opposing forces of nature. The visual power and dynamics of the shapes characterize the fashion collection of the brand. The cuts of the models are perfect, classic and ultra-modern at the same time, inspiring and fascinating – that’s the Pendari style. But do not be fooled, the strict elegance and symmetry does not always mean haute couture. In the case of this fashion brand, elegance is present in spontaneous asymmetrical patterns and in the eternal color duo of black and white.

Elegant and up-to-date in black and white

Elegant and casual at the same time, with a slight futuristic touch, the Pendari garments suit different occasions. Maybe you have a dinner party coming up or you want to look irresistible at an official event? If you want to show style and character, then an extravagant outfit from Pendari is the right choice for you. The brand is just a direct hit for all fashion-conscious people who like to break down prejudices and stereotypes.

Show your sublime style and strong character at the next event

The fashion brand offers all its customers high quality products and proper comfort. The models are made of first class materials, e.g. Made of high quality Italian cotton, merino wool, leather. The fabrics come from Leathertex, a well-known Italian manufacturer that works with the world’s largest fashion brands.

Fashion clothing for both sexes

Pendari’s apparel collection features women’s and men’s styles, as well as those more commonly referred to as unisex fashion. You can get all the clothes of the fashion label right away Pendari Fashion EtsyShop and choose the most suitable one for you. However, we want to draw your attention to two models that we particularly like.

Steampunk skirt MARICO – sexy in black

Any fashion conscious lady would enjoy such a sexy black outfit. The fashionable steampunk skirt MARICO is handmade, made of transparent tulle with elastic waistband. The skirt is a real eye-catcher and can be combined, for example, with an EVE blouse. A pair of black boots complete the perfect look.

Hand made asymmetrical cardigan

The men get their money’s worth at Pendari! From hand-painted T-shirts to asymmetrical cardigans made of high-quality new wool, a modern man can find just what best meets his taste and style.

Made with attention to detail – menswear by Pendari

Conclusion : Inspired by ancient European traditions and enriched with features of Asian culture, the Pendari models also have a futuristic look. They transcend epochs and times, but appear timeless and future-oriented. They express your individuality and personal charm. They are stylish, chic and elegant and go great with fashion-conscious ladies and gentlemen.

We wish you many great performances in Pendari clothing! Be trendy and irresistible!

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