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Room divider – latest examples from the latest trends in interior design

In modern design, we have few limitations for the imagination. Especially if you have large rooms, planning can turn into a pleasurable task. The room dividers play a major role in this. Thus, these are also subject to the current design trends. The following models show modern spatial planning with room dividers, which will be very popular for at least three years.

There are a lot of exciting news. Let’s start by showing the robust materials from their soft and responsive side. Through gaps and interesting figures will create a breezy mood. So you can call the artful decor with room dividers also a trendy trend. Greater than before is the variety of materials, ranging from ceramics to various textiles.

Room dividers that perfectly fit into the living room interior

Play with the room dividers with the colors and achieve a unique look

New technologies and craft traditions

The treasure of traditional craftsmanship is virtually inexhaustible and at the same time the new technologies are consistently continuing. Thus, the combinations of these become more and more abundant and interesting. This is also shown by the first two examples of room dividers.

Handmade wooden room dividers are trendy!

Wood remains as always present among the materials. In line with the airy trends, lattice modifications are particularly topical. A great example for this is the knitted-looking room divider.

In line with the latest trends in interior design – room dividers as a grid construction

This room divider is ideal for modern interior design, although it actually follows ancient Japanese traditions. With this minimalist system you can discreetly structure rooms, decorate and create secluded corners.

The special shape of this room divider makes it an eye-catcher in the room

Next, we have a role model for artful and at the same time very smartly designed installation. The room divider is characterized by its slightly curved steel frame. His bizarre appearance makes him an eyecatcher. At the same time, however, the room divider is very practical, because you can accommodate different objects therein.

Tradition meets modernity – trendy room divider

Honeycomb elements of the room divider transform it into a real eye-catcher

The latest trends are some designers by the use of organic materials. Above all, the designers of Archiplan Studio have used such to set up the three-storey apartment shown here. This achieves fabulous lighting effects and the slat installation looks quite artful.

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