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Scandinavian Easter decoration / Easter decorations in the Scandinavian style

Spring is already on the rise and we all notice it in the awakening nature all around us. April, April, who knows what he wants! Let’s hear people saying on the streets. And rightly so! Because sometimes the sky is bright, the sun is shining and in a short time dark clouds are attracting and it suddenly starts to rain. Yes, that’s just this month and most Germans know it very well. But this changeable weather brings with it a great atmosphere every year, and this happens again this year, because the big Easter is falling right in the middle of the capricious month of April. But we are not bothered by the weather, because the spring brings a cheerful atmosphere. The first spring flowers are slowly blossoming, the garden smells of hyacinths and lilac, and the delicate tulips and proud daffodils delight the eyes and soul with their natural beauty. Outside, the first spring branches bloom and impress with their colorful buds and pleasant aroma. Everywhere you notice the first signs of spring, the sun comes out more often through the gray clouds and breathes us a good mood. In any case, if you enjoy a bright spring mood, it is high time to festively decorate your home and prepare yourself and your four walls for the coming Easter.

Easter decorations in Scandinavian style – simple, elegant and stylish at the same time!

There are several ways to celebrate Easter at home with friends and family. Even the Easter decoration differs from colorful to delicate to plain. First, it depends on the tradition in your family, second on your mood, and then on your ingenuity. We try to bring all these three aspects under one common denominator today and show you charming ideas for yours Easter decoration in the Scandinavian style. Like everything Scandinavian, this decoration is as simple as possible, simple, but stylish and strong in character. Minimalism meets the highest aesthetics. It is well known, the Scandinavian style of furnishing is mainly inspired by nature. Just like the Scandinavian Easter decorations – here there are spring branches and Easter eggs in soft pastel shades, spring flowers and Easter bunnies, but no bright colors can be seen, white and gray dominate and possibly a few colorful accents are allowed. The home accessories are also simply and cleverly chosen, they never fall into the eye. White porcelain, glass or ceramic vases and white candles are involved. The Easter eggs are white to light green, possibly decorated with natural patterns such as feathers and flowers. Always the results are gorgeous and very successful and can easily enroll in any festive atmosphere. You can look at them below and decide for yourself whether you want to decorate your apartment or house in Scandinavian style for Easter.

We wish you a nice Easter!

Simple or rather minimalistic?

The front door should also be decorated Scandinavian at Easter.

Easter decoration in the Scandinavian style is still very much in vogue.

The Scandinavian Easter decoration is inspired by the Nordic nature – Easter bunny, cut flowers, Easter eggs in bright colors – typically Scandinavian.

Dropping nice and stylish – that’s Scandinavian easter decoration.

Eggs in different sizes and in bright colors (natural, not dyed!) Form the centerpiece of the Easter table decoration in the northern countries

Vintage style meets Scandinavian style

You do not need to dye Easter eggs in flashy tones

Classic Scandinavian Easter decoration on the festive table – Easter eggs in light green pastel and marble look

The patterns on the Easter eggs are inspired by nature, more specifically by the plant or animal world.

When spring brings joy to you, it is not far to Easter. So high time to fill your own home with Easter atmosphere.

Typical Scandinavian Easter decoration – simple, minimalistic, close to nature

Spring flowers can also grow in egg shells

Little is more in many cases!

On the white background, the Easter decoration comes out well – Easter wreath, daffodils in the bucket and spring branches in white vase.

The festive table for Easter should also be decorated simply – here with white pansies.

Scandinavian Easter decoration – gold glittering decorative eggs, spring branches with the first buds and white Easter eggs in a silver bowl

Scandinavian decorating for Easter – now the festival can begin!

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