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Send flowers and prepare joy!

Flowers are the smile of nature, the most beautiful language in the world! Flowers can speak better than thousands of words … Show your feelings and surprise your loved one with a beautiful bouquet! Prepare a lot of fun and express love or appreciation with a charming bouquet!


Send flowers is like giving love!


Everyone deserves this joy!

When and on what occasion do we give flowers?

A nice gesture that comes from the heart …. But when would be the best moment to pleasantly surprise our loved ones? There is hardly an occasion for which flowers would not be the perfect surprise or the ideal gift. All traditional occasions-Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Pentecost and New Year’s Day are great reasons to send flowers to your loved ones. There are also special occasions when you are often pleasantly surprised by relatives and acquaintances, with a beautiful, fresh and fragrant bouquet of flowers. Such are the birthdays of close family members or good friends and colleagues, even name days and anniversaries. But the most magnificent bouquets are sent to the happy bride on wedding days, because at this feast she deserves a lot of attention. But do you always need a reason to please your loved ones? Just like that, without a specific reason, you can also send flowers to someone. And do not forget, you can attach a nice greeting card to the beautiful bouquet, so that the surprise is complete.


Send beautiful tulips and let the hearts queuing!


In everyday life we ​​need beautiful flowers that bring freshness and spread good mood

Which color must dominate in a bouquet


Say it without words … .. but with red roses!

As you know, the flowers have a secret language. They are strong non-verbal signals that we must interpret correctly. To make the right color choice, you might be guided by the occasion. If the bouquet is intended for colleagues and business partners, then it belongs to the professional environment. This means you can order a colorful bouquet of colorful flowers and send it to your professional address. But for an important personal occasion, with or without reason, as simple as you wish, send flowers that best express your own feelings. Here red roses – the eternal messengers of love – would be very appropriate to make a declaration of love. Roses have a strong expressiveness and immediately show your love and passion! If you want to express that, order a bouquet of red roses! Pink or yellow bouquets are also often and gladly sent. The pink color we connect with a lot of tenderness and the dominant yellow color indicates joie de vivre.

Avoid white flowers, because they bear a sad symbolism for most Germans. So, choose with care and caution, so you do not run into the faux pas!


There are moments in life that make this nice gesture full

And if you do not have time to run into the nearest flower shop to get a bunch of flowers, you can do so easily and quickly online as well. Flower delivery online has never been so easy and simple. Send flowers is your partner, who fulfills all your wishes regarding flower selection and online dispatch! You can rely on that and send flowers to Germany or Austria. The florists of Bloomy Days put together daily new bouquets and deliver them directly to the address given by you. The flowers come fresh and ready to vase to your home. You can send these natural beauties as a single order or get detailed information about the flexible flower subscription and enjoy its benefits. The most beautiful seasonal flowers are selected for loyal customers and sent to their request.


Show your loved ones what they mean to you!

That’s how easy and trouble-free it is to bring joy and pleasantly surprise people!


Nonverbal signals that express love and appreciation


Exclusive range of high-quality designer floristry for the discerning


Send flowers and give your dear people much joy

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