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Shabby Chic – how does this style work?

The Shabby Chic (in German: shabby chic) ​​is a flow in the design sector, which originated in England in the 1980s. The memory of former English country houses is alive with this style. He ensures coziness and romance in a retro style. As its pioneer applies the designer Rachel Ashwell, who has furnished her house with old restored and painted furniture. Later, she opens a shop for furniture and decoration in this style. Today, this style of furnishing is considered world famous and its top designer as one of the most popular.

Bed Headboard Decorated Metal Dresser Bedside Chair Wood Floral Rug White -Shabby Chic Decor

Bed headboard, decorated with metal ornaments, small chest of drawers serves as bedside table, wooden chair next to it – the Shabby Chic ambiance is created!

At the center of Shabby Chic are tinted pastel colors, especially white, pink, ocher, light gray, sand and light turquoise. These soft shades create a sense of calm and light.

Chimney console wall clock deco green white romantic-shabby chic design

Chimney console with wall clock above, deco in green and white brings a romantic touch in the room

The furniture and accessories are covered by subsequent layers of paint, even scratched at the edges, cracked and chipped here and there. The old and used objects are reminiscent of the warmth and mood in a country house of bygone days.

Chandelier Bed Metal Frame Table Lamp Paintings Wall Shabby Chic Decor

Chandelier directly above the sleeping bed! Do you see this old-fashioned metal frame?

For this style of living, coarse wood, stone, wrought iron are preferred materials, as well as textiles cotton, linen and lace in the same soft colors.

Kitchen Dining Area Decoration Flowers Pictures Art Wooden furniture-Shabby Chic decor

Kitchen and dining area, decorated with floral wall pattern

The flower patterns are everywhere – on the curtains, pillows, mirrors, lamps, wallpaper, pictures, even on the furniture. Gaudy, almost withered roses decorate the rooms. Mostly they are combined with stripes and checks.

Kitchen open kitchen shelves white-shabby chic modern

Kitchen with open kitchen shelves in white

Typical is the variety of decorative articles with sentimental value. Often, the objects are handmade and richly decorated with ribbons, lace and painted flowers or decorated by decoupage. Vintage-style images, albums, clocks, boxes and suitcases filled with memories. Candlesticks, trays, old irons, little angels, vases and mirrors beautify the room.

Kitchen Shelf Utensils Planters Chandeliers White-Shabby Chic Dining Area

Kitchen shelf showcases valuable porcelain dishes

The basic elements of this style include the side tables, light shelves and porcelain, cared for by irresistible floral designs. The luminaires are based on the crystal and glass elements.

Patchwork Wallpapers Bed Metal Frame Throw Pillows Orchid Girlish-Shabby Chic Bedroom

Patchwork wallpaper and old-fashioned metal bed frame for a girlish atmosphere

The main goal of shabby chic is comfort, so there are plenty of sofas, armchairs and high, soft, pillow-topped beds to rest on.

Retreat Bed Deco Cushion Metal Decorated Animal Fur Carpet Mirror Wall Clock Chandelier-Shabby Chic Furniture

Cozy retreat in shabby chic style

The decor is matched by huge bouquets of roses or wildflowers.

Sofa Armchair Fabric Curtain Floral Pattern Frame Mirror Chandelier Rug Pink White Wood Shabby Chic Furniture

Sofa and armchair with fabric covers in white

The style does not come with so many things shabby to a large degree, it reflects femininity and romance.

Living room table chandelier fireplace console armchair flowers white delicate -Shabby chic furniture

Living room with delicate furnishings – table, chandelier, fireplace console and armchair – all in white

With the help of Shabby Chic we can give a new life to the popular items and furniture and thus preserve their own unique style in each room. If you have no old furniture or vintage items, you can create vintage furniture yourself using any of the methods available at any time.

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