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Shield electrosmog – live healthy, live radiation-free!

There could hardly be anyone who has not heard of electrosmog. All media are constantly informing us about the danger that comes from electromagnetic radiation. Some fear makers even refer to electro smog as the “new plague of modern society”. This is considered as a result of the super-developed, digital world. The fact is that electrosmog is invisible but very dangerous to the health and well-being of people. Moreover, it is undeniable that we are all inevitably exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The Esmog comes from cell phones, transmitter towers, electrical appliances and wireless devices and affects our health. It interferes with various processes in the human body, affecting our bloodstream, our brain and even the hormones. Specialists and doctors raise the alarm that it could lead to serious health problems! Electrosmog shielding is therefore a must in today’s modern, technically advanced society!

Electrosmog affects our health in many ways

  • How did electrosmog come about?

Today, we can not imagine our life in the 21st century without electricity. The digital world is also progressing at a rapid pace. But if we take a quick look back at the story, we find the beginning of this development process in a distant time, when in 1879 Thomas Edison invented the first light bulb. A new era in world history began at that time. Unfortunately, today nobody can predict how far this process could come in the future.

Modern wireless devices can be hazardous to your health

Science teaches us that an electric field is created around an electric charge. This can be represented graphically by field lines. Magnetic fields occur during movements of electric charges. Closed field lines around the conductor mark them out. If magnetic fields remain unchanged over time, one speaks of static fields, otherwise of alternating fields. Their frequency changes and if it is over about 20 KHz, one speaks of an electromagnetic field. There are low and high frequency electromagnetic fields that have various effects on the human organism. For example, mobile phones, WLAN and Bluetooth devices are high-frequency radiation sources. That is, the rapid development of digital technology brings with it many risks to human health. How can you live as healthy and free of radiation as possible, we will explain below.

Too much cellphoneing could have negative consequences

  • Electromagnetic radiation endangers your health

No doubt we can call all electrical appliances our best helpers in everyday life. But the bad news is that they create an invisible but dense fog of electromagnetic waves, and that radiation is directly affecting us. Add to this the latest innovations in wireless technology, such as: Mobile phones, Bluetooth, WLAN. WiFi Internet allows us to communicate quickly and almost anywhere in the world with our friends, family members and business partners, but it enhances the effects of electromagnetic radiation. So the health of all people is even more endangered. Some are more sensitive to electrosmog than others. They are more sensitive and can even actively perceive the electromagnetic fields. For these people it is critical and risky to live in an environment full of electrosmog. It has already been scientifically proven that strong electromagnetic radiation can be the cause of miscarriages and malformations in the body, leading to chronic fatigue, headache, stress and heart problems. Dizziness, autism, learning difficulties and insomnia are all due to this. The electrosmog even worsens the work of the cells and causes chaos in the human body, it disturbs the hormonal balance and changes the hormone cycles. He can lead to cancer. Now comes the big question: what can you do about it? How can you shield yourself and your family against electrosmog? Can modern humans still live without radiation and healthy?

The health risks of strong electromagnetic radiation are innumerable

  • An electrosmog shielding is necessary

Our answer is: Yes, effective electrosmog shielding is possible and you should talk about it more often. There are companies that want to and can protect people from electrosmog and cell phone radiation. We have just come across one on the internet. Just click esmog-shop.de and learn much more about the possible electrosmog shielding. In the online shop shown above you will find high quality products that stop the negative effects of electrosmog. The multifaceted range includes everything you need – from YSHIELD colors to blankets, wallpaper and fleeces to textiles to sew curtains, bed linens and clothing. Modern measuring technology is also at your disposal, you can buy or rent it inexpensively. As you can see, everything was thought of! You can also get free technical advice on all aspects of electrosmog shielding on the given Internet address. Just rely on it, that is help that comes from the heart!

First, you should be advised on electrosmog shielding, only then you can do something important for your health and live radiation-free

Last but not least, we also want to give you a good tip: Go outdoors often, take short trips to radiation-free places, have a picnic in the woods or a holiday by the sea. Avoid the risk of being constantly irradiated and live healthy!

We want to sincerely wish you that!

At least once a year vacation in a radiation-free place

Avoid places where many masts are visible

A cell phone is not a toy for toddlers

Mobile phones are modern, useful, but also not safe

Can you imagine our life without electricity?

Wireless devices are all around us

In a well-screened room, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Treat yourself to a life without a headache!

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