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Sofa bed – comfort and functionality in one!

Comfort and functionality in one! This motto is subordinated to a modern and very comfortable piece of furniture that can hardly be missing in an apartment. This is so popular with many house residents sofa bed has turned into a must in small 1 bedroom apartments or shared rooms, as it is space saving and multifunctional. With a modern sofa bed during the day you have a comfortable seat to read or watch TV, at night you can enjoy enough sleeping space. The sofa bed brings many pluses for you and your guests. You do not have to worry about unexpected visits and not enough sleeping space for your guests. You only need a modern sofa bed in the living room and the problem is solved immediately! Easy and in no time! Today we want to present you this trendy piece of furniture and introduce you to its undisputed advantages in a nutshell.

Design sofa bed

A multifunctional piece of furniture that offers a lot of comfort.

The advantages of sofa beds at a glance:

  • Modern and attractive design
  • Sit comfortably during the day, sleep comfortably at night
  • Easy to re-function and enjoy the best sleeping comfort

For many people, aesthetics comes first. That’s why we want to start the overview of the advantages of a sofa bed with its modern design. At the store you can currently find sofa bed models for every requirement, taste and style. These are offered as 2 and 3 seater, there are also corner sofas, which have perfect sleep function. The models are designed according to the latest trends in furniture design. Their high quality upholstery is made in different attractive colors and different texture. Most sofa beds have an integrated storage box that serves as storage during the day. After every good night’s sleep, you can easily make your bedding disappear. That’s practical and clever!

Sofa bed modern design in black

Modern sofa bed in black leatherette! Optics and feel match here!

Furniture and ideas for the furniture for the youth room sofa bed

Practical solution for small apartments to furnish a youth room with a sofa bed

In terms of multi-functionality, the sleek sofa bed has no competition. It is rightly called a sofa bed, because his sleeping comfort is measured with every real bed. His biggest advantage is undoubtedly the space savings. During the day you can sit comfortably on the sofa, read, cuddle, before your sleep time, the furniture can be easily and quickly converted into a comfortable bed. That is why the furniture experts call the sofa bed “the real chameleon among the seating”. Thanks to the ingenious mechanism, it can be transformed from a comfortable seat into a comfortable bed. The flip-over mechanism makes this elegant changeover possible in the twinkling of an eye. And another plus point: this can only be done by one person, additional help is not required when rebuilding. And so you can enjoy a restful night sleep on your sofa bed, you have to choose the right model. We can recommend in this respect the sofa bed with mattress and slatted frame, which offers the highest level of comfort. An extra dose of comfort you can treat yourself with the mattress topper. Then you have a sofa bed to fall in love with!

Do you want to get this multifunctional furniture and enjoy all its advantages?

Sofa bed sofa bed

The perfect conversion miracle for small spaces

modern sofa bed white-colored decorative cushions

Classic and trendy sofa bed models can be found in specialist shops

modern corner sofa petroleum blue variety of models colors - designs

Corner sofa in petroleum blue: There is something for every taste and style

Modern sofa bed trendy design multifunctionality petroleum blue

Practicism and comfort go hand in hand here

Modern sofa bed sleeping comfort

When it comes to sleeping comfort, everything has been thought through to the smallest detail

Sofa bed sofa bed sofa couch

On the sofa bed you must under no circumstances renounce sleeping comfort

designer sofa bed modern creative

Using modern conversion mechanisms, it is easy to convert the sofa bed into a comfortable sleeping space

Sofa bed multifunctional

Fold, take off and turn happen in the zero point Nothing

Corner sofa bed

Corner sofa: Attractive design that captivates with its shape and pastel color

Design sofa bed sofa bed

With a few simple steps, you can transform the sofa bed into a cozy bed

Elegant sofa bed graphite

Elegant sofa bed in graphite: Take care when buying: The designs and conversion mechanisms are different for the different sofa bed models

modern sofa bed in gray

Measure the available parking space before opting for a specific model sofa bed

Sofa bed modern design

Sofa or bed? Modern sofa bed saves a lot of space on limited living space

sleeper sofa-bed couch

From the cuddly seat to the comfortable and cozy bed

luxury-design-sofa bed

Save space during the day, enjoy the necessary sleeping comfort at night

Sofa bed corner sofa

The sofa bed to fall in love!

Large sofa bed

Enjoy your night sleep on this comfortable sofa bed

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