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Something unusual ideas for a metal fireplace for outdoor use

Outside, the days and nights are getting colder, but that’s no reason to be hanging in there, is it? One of those metal fireplaces we have selected for you could be your winter season outside with warmth and new social contacts. Here you will find a somewhat unusual fire pit design that meets your expectations. Whether you’re a purist or prefer a more dramatic style, you’ll love some of the coolest design ideas. And what is more reliable and easier to set up than a metal mine? Most do not require any preparatory work. All you have to do is determine the location, get firewood and enjoy the warmth! In terms of fuel, you have the choice between traditional wood burning systems powered by propane gas or bioethanol. It’s time to relax by the fire!

metal hearth

Metal hearth with storage space for firewood


Hanging fire pit made of metal


Bowl-shaped metal hearth


Another model of a bowl-shaped fireplace, which definitely serves as an eye-catcher in the rustic exterior design. All around you can place simple wooden chairs or even wooden blocks!

design-fire basket-metal

Fireplace made of copper with practical vinyl cover

Copper always looks classic and warming. This fire pit with lid proves it very well. It’s an eye-catching outdoor accessory that’s beautifully hand-hammered and has a shiny finish. This hearth comes with a protective vinyl cover to keep the wood clean and is 75 cm in diameter.

garden fire-beautifull-modern-design

Decorative functionality and modern design in one

Another modern fireplace design comes as a next example. This is a flat round steel bowl on a metal stand. This great fireplace looks super modern and fulfills decorative tasks in a contemporary house. The bowl has a diameter of 63 cm and is ground by hand. Here you can be absolutely sure that no natural rust will form over time. In addition, the legs are made of stainless steel and also by hand.

garden design ideas-hearth

Geometric shapes prevail here

fire place-of-metal

Ornate design can also be found at the metal fireplaces

outdoor fireplaces and-tile oven

This metal hearth is a product of craftmanship

This very balanced, aesthetically pleasing design is our undeniable favorite among the metal fireplaces. This unique fire bowl is 80 cm in diameter and can be a great centerpiece in any courtyard, even without burning.

ideas-garden furnishings-design-hearth

Decorative top ring made of metal

This decorative metal fire ring can easily fit to any interior design. The model consists of a decorative top ring and was designed for the construction of a hearth of stone blocks.


A fireplace built into the table

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