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Space saving options for every room

Surely you make a large plaster plan twice a year. So you want to clean your apartment properly, right? The problem lies in the end: how long after the cleaning you still see the effect of thorough wiping, scrubbing and complete cleanup?
Often one even promises to keep the household as neat as possible, so that one should not laboriously cleanse again at the weekend. The organization in everyday life does not always run smoothly. Then you have your hands full again! That’s why today we want to draw your attention to space-saving solutions that can make your life easier.

Kitchen organization knife holder magnet saves space

Bring more order to the kitchen with the help of a knife holder

For the kitchen, we introduce the magnetic knife holder: handy and space-saving, this is a modern solution for your kitchen. This variant consists of durable, recycled chestnut wood and magnetic handles. You will be surprised how much space is left in the kitchen area.
We advise you to use as much space on the walls as possible! Suspend pots and pans and store the herbs separately in jars. So you have the necessary right in front of your eyes!

Dish rack wood modern countertops stainless steel

The sleek draining board has an additional decorative role to play in the kitchen

This sleek draining board is in the background, but at the same time you have easy access to all the things you need. The accessory helps the kitchen organization several times.

Kitchen decor creative bottom cabinet Mason jars

This brilliant kitchen idea saves you a lot of space and presents the various products in an interesting way

Who says the food must be hidden in cupboards? Here we see a great example of interesting order in the kitchen. Since the cereal products are stored in preserving jars and at the same time represent a great kitchen decoration. Now, the upper cabinets are half empty, but still available!

Desk organization clearing out office accessories

The desk needs more clearing than the other pieces of furniture

Think about what items you really need on your desk. Rearrange it and set it e.g. just a flower vase, a nice photo and the necessary office accessories on it. Open letters and other correspondence or bills have no business! Put them in the drawers!

Clothes rail swinging copper pipes cotton cord saves space

The floating clothes rail is trendy and practical

You do not need much in the hall either: a series of wall hooks or a coat rack. Use the available space on the wall surfaces so that you do not throw anything on the floor or on the sofa as you enter.
A floating clothes rod made of copper pipes like this one on the picture is especially useful for the bedroom. Fastened with a sturdy cotton cord, the clothes rail hangs from the ceiling.

Bathroom wall shelves order shelves

Organization of a small bathroom using wall shelves and wall hooks

In the bathroom, the space never seems to be sufficient, you often have to reckon with overloaded wall shelves. How can a nice bathroom design be functional? Think about how to design the open storage space in the bathroom. Perhaps in a transparent glass bowl you could store the make-up brushes, a separate wall shelf could be extra for textiles available, the decorated soap dish could be placed next to a decorative flower vase.

Living room small side table bench storage space

The built-in bench: space-saving solution with extra storage space

In the living room there are many items that you do not need everyday. A small side table is handy and can be very helpful if you want to put a vase or cup in a safe place.
A built-in solution like the seat here is not to be underestimated, as it provides many seats and extra hidden storage space. Thus, unused decorative pillows or bedspreads will find their place and no longer stand in your way.

Side table auxiliary table kitchen shopping basket

A side table is extremely helpful, especially in the small kitchen

A large side table would be perfect for the kitchen. As a place for the shopping basket, the weekly magazine or your favorite plant, this furniture is great.

These were our practical pieces of furniture and items that make our lives easier and keep our living spaces organized!

Wooden chair foldable Pocket chair practically space-saving

This chair can be transformed into a bag and is assembled only when needed

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