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Strategies that make your kitchen design look expensive

In all rooms you can “pretend” by appropriate strategies a higher value of the design. This also works in the kitchen, and especially good. Learn how this is possible.

Start with the right floor plan

The distance between the oven, the sink and the refrigerator should be as small as possible. With such an arrangement, your work in the kitchen flows very easily and the kitchen design leaves a professional impression.

Maximally use the potential of the vertical dimension

open-cake design

High quality kitchen design “pretend” and realize this on a small budget

It is important that your kitchen does not look too empty. The limited number of pieces of furniture you can visually conceal by the maximum use of the vertical surface. You can use these cleverly for the integration of cupboards or open shelves.

Put on an individual back wall design

kitchen-shelf-open vertically

Make maximum use of the vertical surface in the kitchen

The back wall design is crucial to the overall look of the kitchen. Here you should act individually and creatively. There are a number of inexpensive materials, such as waterproof wallpaper, which imitate expensive and trendy solutions.

Focus on the details

glass-cake smooth wall

How do you want to design your kitchen back wall?

The chic kitchen design can be enhanced by an artful and stylish detail. Invest in a beautiful chandelier or other lighting that immediately demonstrates your good taste. Even such an element can make the kitchen design super comfortable and comfortable and everything suddenly seems more expensive.

You need adequate and suitable lighting

kitchen-illuminated ideas

The targeted lighting in the kitchen is now a must

The kitchen design needs a lot of natural light. If this is not available, you will need the appropriate ambient lighting. It must not be too weak or too dazzling. She should also show the rest of the furniture from their best side by their color and warmth. For all functional areas you need the right task lighting.

The floor design makes a big difference


Think of a modern, practical floor design

No matter how cheap the kitchen furniture is, you can access to tiles or other noble floor design. This does not look inappropriate, but adds value to everything in the room. Be careful of aesthetics as well as safety.

Think long term!


Minimalism conquers the modern kitchen

A cheap kitchen design can be different: it can be furnished with a few or with cheap furniture. Choose the first option. Start with what you need most. Then add new furniture step by step. Keep a complete picture of the kitchen design in mind and fulfill it step by step over time.

Put on convertible furniture

cake-decorating barrier

Spice up the look of your kitchen and admire the result

The kitchen cabinets and other important elements of kitchen design can be quite transformative. The hardware, the surfaces and the fronts are mostly exchangeable. If you opt for this type of furniture, you can add a more refined character to your kitchen at any time by making a small and inexpensive change to your kitchen.

Do not compromise with the water and electricity installation


With little financial resources, you can upgrade your kitchen


Renew your water and power line and create a super modern kitchen

You must not compromise with the water and electricity installation. The electrical appliances should also have the best possible quality. All this will make exploring the kitchen easier in practice, and in this way it will “feel” more comfortable and “expensive”.

rustic-kitchen-establishment ideas

… or do you rather prefer the rustic style?

The latest trends

In the expensive-looking kitchen design, it depends largely on how the modern trends are used in this. These are not exclusively associated with expensive investments. A kitchen design is modern and therefore noble when it becomes the “heart” of the apartment. Friends and family should like to gather in this area. If you can do that with few resources and resources, then you have a noble design for a very reasonable price. Maybe you also have your own ideas?

cake smooth wall-practical-functional

, Position the most important kitchen appliances as close as possible


In such a kitchen every woman would like to cook and bake


Practically! So you have everything you need in mind!

cake-black open-shelves

Vertical surfaces can be used practically

cake dishes

Showcase your beautiful kitchenware on open shelves

gray-cake smooth wall

Gray can look good on the kitchen back wall

as-kitchen-high gloss

The modern kitchen has to be bright and inviting

modern dining chair-chair cake

So bright and homely can be your kitchen!

of cakes-hangelampen

Suspended lamps and recessed lights are in!


indirect-lighting-modern kitchen

minimalist-cake design

Built-in kitchen lighting and minimalism pure in the modern kitchen


minimalist-cake ideas

Smart and stylish


kitchen-flooring-cake ideas

Renew the flooring in the kitchen and you immediately change their overall look

ideas-cake-floor tiles


Choose something suitable depending on your style and taste

floor design

Set up your kitchen to your taste and practical sense

Innovative-kitchen equipment

Innovative kitchen appliances are now a must


Stylish and sublime – minimalism in the modern kitchen

flooring-kitchen-wooden floor

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