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Summer solstice – celebrate the beginning of summer according to ancient tradition!

Although we have a lot of sun and summer temperatures here in the northern hemisphere of the earth from 1 June, the meteorologists officially only speak on the 21st of June from the beginning of the summer depending on the calendar. This day is still called the summer solstice or midsummer north of the equator, because just on this date the sun reaches its highest level above the horizon. This day is a very special one in many ways. Once we have the longest day and the shortest night of the year. Secondly, the summer starts on this date. In addition, the summer solstice has always been enveloped in ancient mysticism and superstition. This date is honored in several ancient cultures as the union between heaven and earth. It is still believed that dreams can come true in the midsummer night. Many people think that spring is a time of renewal, when you design new ideas and free yourself from the heavy burdens of the cold winter time. Everyone should slowly prepare their body and mind for the coming summer. The hot summer months are associated in the folk calendar with a period of maturation. At the intersection between spring and summer is the summer solstice.

According to the calendar, the 21st of June is still called the summer solstice or midsummer for the northern globe.

We respect old traditions and folk customs and see the longest day of the year as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the beginning of summer. That’s why we’ve written down some great tips for you on how to do that. Of course, ancient rituals and myths are cultivated and often reinterpreted on this day and on the night of the summer solstice. As is often the case in modern life, history and present, ancient traditions and contemporary ways of living intertwine here. It always applies: Set new goals and celebrate the beginning of summer with good intentions! So the rest of the year should run smoothly for you and bring you inner harmony and personal balance.

The celebrations around the summer solstice skillfully intertwine old traditions and current ways of thinking

  • Wish yourself something nice

Since ancient times, people believed that dreams could come true in the midsummer night. That’s why they wanted something beautiful and performed ancient rituals to fulfill their wishes. These old rides are often associated with fire and skip fire. That is why these rituals were chosen in stark colors, such as fire red and sun yellow. Laurel leaves were also popular jewelry as they symbolize fame and special honor.

Light a fire and celebrate the beginning of summer

The old now makes room for the new. On this day, you can light candles, arrange them beautifully and immerse yourself in positive thoughts and beautiful dreams. The candlelight also contributes a lot to the fact that everyone is more focused on their own opportunities, emotions and feelings and assesses its pros and cons.

Picture 2: Watch the sunrise and breathe in the fresh morning air.

  • Get up early and admire the sunrise

The Sun and the Sun Goddess in the various mythologies have always been at the center of Midsummer celebrations – from the Germanic and Celtic regions of Europe to Slavic peoples in the Balkans to the Baltic regions, all deities of fire were revered who embodied power and power. Today, you can do that in your own personal way. Our advice is – get up early on this day and go to a place where you can watch the sunrise in all its shades. Think about the cycles of nature. When the sun is low in the sky, you can stare at it. Fulfill your eyes with sunlight and your body with new powers and more energy. Celebrate the beginning of summer quietly and lonely early in the morning!

Express your gratitude, it’s worth it! Be grateful for the warm sun, for the light and the life.

Start energetic and energetic in the summer!

Use the sunlight and its healing power this morning. The summer solstice is an annual opportunity to free oneself from burdens, doubts and fears at sunrise, so that everyone could become a little freer. It is an old way of honoring the sun and singing under the sun, dancing and never losing sight of the magic of each day. Is not that great?

At summer solstice, the herbs are given additional healing power

  • Discover the healing power of herbs

Even in distant times, people have the natural healing power of Herbs discovered and learned to appreciate them. Collect fresh medicinal herbs outside in the field, because on this day their healing effect should be particularly intensive. Prepare fresh herbal tea or a cocktail of elderflowers. Spread colorful petals on the dining table, even on your sleeping bed, and refresh your interior. So you invite nature directly home and fill your four walls with beguiling scent and fresh flavors. In this relaxed atmosphere, you can now dream or think about personal progress in life. It’s also the best time to make new plans for the future!

Create moments of pure happiness!

  • Organize a party for family and friends!

Last but not least, we want to give you a good tip: Celebrate the beginning of summer in the circle of friends and family! Organize a nice party for your loved ones, with delicious drinks, lots of music and dancing. According to ancient tradition, you can celebrate long on midsummer night. In the past, summer solstice festivities lasted about 12 days. Treat yourself to some chocolate or a tasty cake. Sweet things are good that day as well. Smile and emit positive energy! It’s contagious! And when the sun finally sets, you can dance in the moonlight! Such a great party!

Finally, summer is here and it is time for holidays and relaxation

Treat yourself to some free time with friends

Enjoy your meal!

Find the freshness of fine nature

Immerse yourself in nature!

Find out in detail about the healing properties of the herbs

Basil, parsley and Co. are natural remedies

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