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What makes the modern dining room?

The modern dining room is basically a busy room. There, the family gathers for meals together, great chats are organized or it could be something official, for example, a Sunday brunch, a stylish dinner party or a rich lunch for a special occasion. In all these cases, the family members …

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Your guide to effective dining room design

In the Christmas time, the decoration of the dining room table is thought of above all. It becomes the visual centerpiece of the interior design. Do not forget the following: The dining room table not only has to look good, it also serves you well. Today, we are focusing on …

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Modern dining room

Hand on heart! Let’s be completely honest and say it clearly: the modern man needs a modern apartment. And where do we prefer to spend our time at home? Most people would respond – in the kitchen! Yes, not the living room, but a spacious dining room with kitchen are …

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Design ideas for the modern dining room

Many interior designers refer to the dining room as the heart of the house. That can not be denied, especially if the dining room is part of the kitchen. This is actually the trend in modern room design – open floor plan, threshold-free transition from one area to another, wide …

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