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Shield electrosmog – live healthy, live radiation-free!

There could hardly be anyone who has not heard of electrosmog. All media are constantly informing us about the danger that comes from electromagnetic radiation. Some fear makers even refer to electro smog as the “new plague of modern society”. This is considered as a result of the super-developed, digital …

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Sleep healthy and comfortable!

It is no secret that for a healthy sleep we need a well-furnished room with a pleasant light, fresh air supply and finely selected furniture and textiles, all of which together create a healthy indoor climate. To stay healthy, do not use materials that emit pollutants in the bedroom. It …

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Useful tips for the healthy bedroom furniture

Did you notice that you often get sick after moving or staying overnight with friends? Surely you do not want that to happen to your guests. In this article, we would like to draw your attention to what you need to consider in your bedroom furniture from a health point …

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