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Art in the living room furniture

What happens when art takes over the central role in a living room furniture? What do rooms look like in which a central piece of work characterizes the character of the room? When and how does art become something more than a linchpin in interior design? There are many possible …

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Living room furniture with exposed brick wall

If you leaf through design magazines, you will surely discover many great living room designs with exposed or decorative brick walls. There are several good reasons for this from a practical as well as an aesthetic point of view. If you have a brick wall anyway, you do not need …

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Living room set up, modern carpets for living room

Decorative ideas with modern carpets for the living room The following gorgeous examples show it clearly: A well-chosen carpet for the living room can completely transform the room. These serve as individual accents in minimalist or at least very sparingly furnished premises. The effect is modern and very individual. Carpet …

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Modern living room 2017 – what’s up to date?

It is well known, the living room is our favorite room at home. There we spend most of our time, mainly reading, watching TV or cuddling on the couch. There we also welcome friends and relatives to spend entertaining hours together. Therefore, the living room must look as comfortable and …

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Ideas for living room design

Each room reflects the inner world of its owner. The design of the room not only meets the needs of the owner. She tells a great deal about his character and temperament, his talents and his affection. At it you can tell if he is cosmopolitan or rather reserved, if …

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