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The baby room – Cool ideas for practical and modern design in your little one’s room

We’re sure you’ll think about setting up a practical and modern baby room as you learn you’re expecting a baby. You probably want to create a neutral ambience because you do not yet know the gender of your baby? In this article, we show you 25 great, cute design ideas for the room of your Wonneproppens, which are just as suitable for girls and boys. These interiors are designed in different styles – you can find something for every personal taste. In addition, the designs we choose offer harmonious color concepts, practical interior design ideas and a cozy and childishly sweet atmosphere.

classic-baby bedroom fully-grid-bed-of-wood

Classic baby room with a great wall design made of wood

babyroom-complete-classical nest-cot

Baby bed in classic style

babyroom-creative-wall design-grid-bedded gray

Modern baby room in Scandinavian style for girls and for boys

The adjustable cot is the most important part of the baby room. Very popular and functional is the cot, the front side is barred. It protects the baby so that it could not fall out of bed and also ensures good air circulation. Also important is the mattress on which your little sprout will sleep. Decide rather for a high-quality model, which is not very soft. This is very important for the proper development of your baby. In a few months, the cot can be transformed into a practical playground for your little one, if the slatted frame is lowered to the lowest level. The changing table is a must for the baby room, it is actually the classic among baby furniture. This practical piece of furniture has plenty of storage space – behind closed compartments and drawers and a comfortable and secure area for baby’s wrapping. Also think of you – round off the interior in the baby room with a comfortable armchair or sofa, along with a small side table. Take a look at the baby room designs in our picture gallery and be inspired to a modern and practical design.

wrap chest-babyroom-pastelltone-practical-design

Classic beige furniture creates a cozy atmosphere in the baby room

babyroom-modern-design-wall design-wood-cot

Great baby room with wooden wall cladding for girls and boys

baby bedroom carpet-strip-grid-bed-of-wood-living tips

Elegant baby room in Scandinavian style in white

stylish-babyroom-complete-yellow-wall-as-wound dresser

The yellow wall behind the baby changing table is a playful accent in the baby room


Color concept in white and gray with yellow accents looks very stylish and exquisite in the baby room

babyroom-maritime device tips and blue-wall design

The maritime design of the baby room is just as good for girls as it is for boys

modern-baby room-for-modchen-young-practical wrapper commode

Elephants, birds and all sorts of animals in colorful nuances spice up the nursery

grid-bed-in-a-baby-room-wall design creative-letter

Inspiring wall deco over the changing table in the baby room


Fabulous atmosphere in the baby room with sky and fairy lights reach

classic-baby room-with-dark-blue accents-young-girls

Elegant baby room with dark blue accents for girls and boys

babyroom-complete-make-chair-in-gray-yellow carpet

Yellow and gray together look very classy in the contemporary baby room

bin-baby bedroom wall design-blue-red-accents

Sufficient storage space is a must in the baby room

baby bedroom wall design-star-armchair-oriented

Comfortable armchair in the baby room ensures the comfort of the mother

Scandinavian-baby-baby-room bed-young-modchen

The Scandinavian style in the baby room creates an airy and cheerful atmosphere

stylish-babyroom-dark-wall design-wise-cot

Designer baby room with dark blue wall paint for girls and boys

practical-cot-in-oriented baby-room-design

Adjustable baby bed in white for a quiet childhood


Classic walnut furniture in a stylish baby room

fresh-babyroom Colorful carpet-wise-grid-bed

A colorful carpet and playful wall decoration can change the atmosphere in the baby room thoroughly


Modern baby room in gray and red

Scandinavian-style-baby bedroom wall design-blue

Blue in the baby room does not necessarily mean a boy’s room .. …

baby bedroom wall design-fleece wallpaper sofa wrapper commode

Fabulous wall design in a baby room in classic style

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