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The best surfaces for kitchen design – materials and design ideas

Wondering if a particular kitchen surface fits your kitchen design or not? Is such a choice easy or difficult for you? Yes, frankly, she is very difficult. The aspects are far too many, ranging from the right material to a well-chosen color to the stylistic impression that you want to leave behind with your kitchen surface.

The function of the kitchen worktop

kitchen-country style-make-device-oriented

First determine the function of your kitchen surface and then choose the right material for it.

Before you select the kitchen surface, you should first determine exactly what it should be used for. Does hot kitchenware often come on it? Does the kitchen surface get wet and does it have to be wiped more often? All these questions are the first things to consider when choosing a kitchen surface.

Which materials are the best?

kitchen-design-ideas-boiling-island dining

This is what the modern and practical kitchen should look like!

We have never had such a large selection of artificial and natural kitchen surface materials. You must not lose track of it. The rule of thumb is to invest in a good natural material and that will pay off in the long run.
The best materials include granite, quartz and hardwood. They not only hold great stress, but also refine the look of your kitchen.
Among the natural materials, we would like to draw your attention to the reused glass. Kitchen surfaces made of these are easily sustainable and look cheerful through the different colors that are often seen there.

Achieve uniformity or variety

cake island-of-marble

Uniquely pure – kitchen island made of marble

From a designer’s point of view, the kitchen surfaces can provide variety or a uniform look. What is more necessary in your case? If the kitchen cabinets are made of many different colors, then just the kitchen surfaces can ensure a uniform appearance. If everything looks very monochrome again, you can make a change through the different kitchen surfaces.

Splendid kitchen surfaces

kitchen-design-device-modern ideas

Gleaming surfaces make the kitchen visually wider.

The kitchen surfaces are the most modern and practical, if they can reflect the light. This creates a luxury effect and, in addition, the whole kitchen looks much brighter and more comfortable. Combine with suspended luminaires that are strategically distributed over the most commonly used functional areas.

In our picture gallery many more examples are just waiting to be discovered by you. Be inspired by new ideas for your kitchen design!

kitchen-cum-cook island-marble-deco-ideas

Modern kitchen marble plate

marble-cooking island-countertop

Classically elegant kitchen island marble top


Modern kitchen design


Kitchen island gray

cake ideas-modern

Modern kitchen island ceiling lighting

modern-kitchen-with-cooking island

Seat stool white

modern-cooking island-wood-design

Modern kitchen design kitchen island

kitchen-design-deco-ideas-cooking island

Modern kitchen design tiled floor


Shine glamor modern kitchen design

wall design-in-the-kitchen-modern-marble-kochensel

Modern kitchen design

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