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The design table football as a gift idea

We all know it: Sometimes it’s really hard to pick the right gift for the man. You have to pay attention to many criteria and know exactly the interests and preferences of your loved one. Even for the best friend or your own father it is often not so easy to find a good present. We have the perfect idea for you if you really want to surprise. The perfect gift for all football crazy men: the design foosball table. Kickering is more than just a pastime, it means having fun with all your family and friends. A table football can be reason enough to meet regularly for a few matches and is therefore not only sports equipment but also a social meeting place.

High quality materials and stylish design

Our design table footballers are popular with people of all ages and of course are also interesting for girls and women. And this has good reasons. A foosball table is always an eye-catcher, especially our design models, where special emphasis was placed on the combination of appearance and quality. Many models are even weatherproof and can therefore be used outdoors. How about a table football on the terrace or veranda? Due to the high-quality materials such as stainless steel and hardwood, the design table football are durable and high quality. An elegantly designed football table such as the RS # 3wood, with Iroko wood legs, a steel or stainless steel body, and hand-painted figures in die-cast aluminum, is definitely a highlight in any home.

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Design your design kicker individually

The exceptional quality is reflected in every detail of the football tables. Different design elements and color combinations make the palette very versatile, so that you will definitely find a model that fits into your home. The player figures are designed with the greatest attention to detail and of course there are also female characters on request. For each table, you can determine the jerseys, logos and skin color of the characters themselves and so for example, replay your favorite football derby at the table football.
We also offer table football with glass top, which can be easily used as a dining table or desk. A design table football lifts the kicker out of the hobby cellar into the living area and fits perfectly into generously furnished living concepts. You will find the complete selection of design kickers at www.designkicker.de.

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Popular with beginners and pros: Kickerning is fun

A foosball table is an ideal gift for a birthday or as a gift for the whole family. He is not only a great reason for all the residents of the house to meet for a game, but also cause for friends to come over and spend a whimsical afternoon or evening at the table football. Not for nothing are in many bars and kicker tables, which are always well visited. Kickering is quite demanding, it requires good hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes and proper shooting technique requires a lot of practice. However, the great popularity comes from the fact that even beginners can score goals quickly and there is always a lot of action on the table. Especially when you play more often, the matches develop a lot of tension.

Table football is amusing!

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A design table football can be your dream come true!

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Made with great attention to detail: design table football!

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