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The lily of the valley – symbol of perfection

The delicate lily of the valley is known in this country as a typical, finely scented Frühlingsbote. It enchants us all with its snow-white, bell-shaped small flowers that spread a gentle fragrance. Its dark green, juicy and beautifully shaped leaves attract the eye. This beautiful spring flower can decorate your interior with its white flowers and serve as a special highlight outside in the garden. The lily of the valley is therefore popular with many hobby gardeners and in the flower shops from the beginning of May in demand. The heyday of this natural beauty is from May to June. Surprisingly, it belongs to the asparagus family, brings only in July and August small red berries.

The lily of the valley is the synonym of natural perfection

Name and History: The name widespread today lilies of the valley comes from the Latin Convallaria majalis. The first part of the Latin term convallaria means basin, which indicates the location of the flower, where majalis suggesting the heyday in May. The lily of the valley is still called Maiblume and Marienblume, but is also known as Mairöschen, Maischellen and Mai Lilie. The last one is closely related to the English name “Lily of the valley”. Since the lily of the valley is often found throughout Europe and North America, historically many legends and legends are associated with this delicate spring flower. In some nations it is believed that its small white flowers symbolize the tears of the Mother of God. As she made her way to the crucifixion of Christ, the tears fell from her eyes to the ground and turned into delicate snow-white flowers. It has been proven historically that in the 16th century, the healing powers and miracle effects of lilies of the valley were first reported in herbal books. The small white flowers are said to have heart-strengthening effects, their healing power is praised. The lily of the valley is recommended for eye complaints, dizziness and epilepsy. It is said to help with gout, fainting, inflammation and various other diseases.

Lily of the valley in the pot – a real eye-catcher in the garden

Extra tip : Despite this interesting historical info, it should be said here that the lily of the valley is very beautiful, but poisonous. Especially the flowers and its red berries! Therefore, the highest care in dealing with this flower is announced! It’s important to stay away from small children and pets. The water in a vase of lilies of the valley may also contain toxins. So be forewarned!

Nice, but poisonous! Be forewarned when dealing with lily of the valley!

Location and care: The Marienblumen grow freely in the forest, under bushes, on meadows and in nature gardens. They like nutritious soil, thrive very well on acid and calcareous soil, preferably in shady to partially shaded places. The distribution happens naturally, by rhizomes. The flower is easy to cultivate and can be found in many gardens today. The lily of the valley is easy to care for and never takes your time. But it pleases eyes and senses by its tenderness. Therefore, the lily of the valley is considered a symbol of true love and introduces a lot of romance in your four walls, if you want to have the flower at home. As cut flowers in vases, the delicate white beauties fill the room with their wonderful fresh scent! But you must never forget that the beauty can be dangerous too! So again: caution is required, because the flowers of the lily of the valley contain poisonous substances, such as herkirkende glycosides! Keep the flowers away from children and pets!

Lilies of the valley thrive very well on calcareous, acid soil.

Choose a partially shaded location for your lily of the valley in the garden

Lilies of the valley in medicine and the perfume industry: The healing power of the Marienblumen is amazing, the people know their miracle effect for centuries. The lily of the valley is contained in some medicines. He is said to help with cardiac arrhythmias, can strengthen the heart and prevent a stroke. This flower can help with low blood pressure and has a positive effect on nervous weakness. Therefore, the lily of the valley is widely used in the production of medicines and homeopathy. But also in cosmetics it is used a lot. Its sweet scent is well known. The oil obtained from the flowers of the lily of the valley is used as a floral fragrance component in the production of perfumes and other cosmetic products.

The healing power of lilies of the valley has been known to mankind for centuries

Lily of the Valley has a positive effect on various diseases and complaints

The flower oil of the lily of the valley is used in perfume and drug production

Additional information:

It is still interesting to know that the lily of the valley has been selected as the Poisonous Plant of the Year 2014. This is just proof of its popularity, which looks back on a long history. For in the course of four decades, the lily of the valley was praised as the spring flower of love and romance, honored as a true symbol of good hope. It is the true symbol of natural perfection. It was the favorite flower of Queen Victoria of Finland and is still celebrated in this country on May 1st. It celebrates the love and good hope for the future!

A bouquet of lilies of the valley symbolizes true love and good hope for the future

Today, the lily of the valley deserves our admiration, it shows that nature is the greatest artist! It enchants us with its natural beauty and so delights us dreamily through its delicate fresh scent. For this reason, lilies of the valley are often seen in the bridal bouquet at many wedding parties. Because love and romance prevail there, do not they!

A bouquet of lilies of the valley stands for unadulterated romance

Introduce a little piece of nature into your four walls!

Give the bride a shrub of lily of the valley and you instantly put a nice smile on her face

The delicate white flowers of the lily of the valley look beautiful even in a very simple mason jar

Lilies of the valley – the definitive highlight at home

Delicate white flowers that radiate a lot of charm!

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