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Trend color black: How to successfully complement your kitchen equipment

Black is a classic color, but its application is not exactly typical of the kitchen. Their use in this room is becoming more and more of a trend. We would like to show you the working strategies for integrating the black color there using the following examples.

Handles for the cabinets

Black handles for white kitchen cabinets great idea!

Choose black for the handles of the kitchen cabinets and you will immediately achieve a modern flair in your kitchen. These fit well with any style. Black handles can also be used during a renovation. Thus, the kitchen equipment will immediately appear more noble and modern.

Lights in black

Hang elegant hanging lamps in black over the white kitchen island and admire the visual effect!

Luminaires play an essential role in the finished image of a kitchen appliance. If you want to give it character immediately, choose it in black. Of course, this is also practical, because you can leave it in any new design.

A few black furniture as an eye-catcher

Some black pieces of furniture, in this case chairs, immediately invade a completely white kitchen

Of course you can choose part of the furniture in black. Basically, the chairs and the dining table in this color look wonderful. Combined with some black handles and finishes, you will achieve a sleek, elegant kitchen finish.

Black kitchen island

Pair a black kitchen island with white plate and reinforce the contrasting effect

Create a contrast to the rest of the interior through a black kitchen island. This does not have to be done completely in this color – it is enough if the sides or the surface are in this shade.

Kitchen back wall in black

No white kitchen can look boring if you put great accents in black

Choose black for the kitchen back wall. Tiles give extra shine. By mosaic arrangement you will surely provide welcome contrasts.

work surface

A black work surface in the white kitchen immediately attracts the eye

Weld the look of your kitchen by using black surfaces. The rest can be done in different or in a single shade. We recommend you to strive for the contrasting appearance.

Kitchen utensils in black

Black kitchen appliances look very elegant

Consider black kitchen technology. It works with any kitchen equipment and gives it that shine and modern elegance.

Paint the window frames in black

Who thought that? Paint the window frames in black!

Do not all of these ideas go with your kitchen equipment, and yet you want to introduce black to the kitchen? Maybe you can paint the windows or door frames in this color? What do you make of it?

Black floor design

The black floor finish makes the kitchen look very chic

A bold, yet modern and elegant solution represents the floor design in black. This is very often preferred in minimalistic concepts. Actually, a black floor in the kitchen can be combined with many colors. It gives the whole kitchen design a uniform appearance.

Black accents can make the white kitchen special

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