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Wine rack made of europallets – pallet furniture ideas

The wine rack made of pallets is the classic among the furniture made of europallets. There are many ways you can build the shelf. The implementation is very easy and you get a great end result. Of course, a wine rack is not only meant for wine, but can also be used for all other spirits or as a simple shelf to set other home accessories in scene. You can make it to your liking. In this post we present you a DIY project of Saris Garage in which you will be shown how beautiful you are Wine rack made of europallets can easily copy.

What do you need for a wine rack made of pallets?

The nice thing about this pallet furniture DIY is that you do not need a lot of material and tools and the overall construction is very cost effective. For a wine rack, you only need a Euro pallet, cabinet hangers, a Forstner drill, a jigsaw, screws, dowels, sandpaper, grinder, some chalk paint, paint roller and of course your creativity. You can use a used Euro pallet or a new pallet. There is a lot to consider here, because not all used Euro pallets are well suited for building pallet furniture.

If you are unsure which pallets are best suited, we have a guidebook for you here Buy pallets tips , There you will find all important information about the subject of Euro pallets and what you have to consider when buying, as well as the used pallets.

What do I have to consider during construction?

The best thing is to watch the video, where you will be explained step by step how the wine rack is built. You do not need any large building instructions from which you will not be smart and can of course make the shelf differently, if you want. It is all about it that you like it and you enjoy the whole project. Handling a jigsaw and a small sander is not difficult either. Drill a few holes and apply a little paint Anyone without having completed an apprenticeship.

Is not it always nice when you can be out in the sun and realize yourself with these individual projects? Once the wine rack is on the wall, you’re proud of your own project, right?

Which variants can I still build?

On the pallet furniture blog of Saris Garage you can look at many more possibilities that you can easily copy. Be creative or let yourself be inspired by other pallet furniture projects. For further inspiration just have a look over here www.palettenmoebel-kaufen.com Enjoy browsing.

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